Should Veterans Invest In The Stock Market?

Vets & The Stock Market… my thoughts…

With the stock market fluctuating weekly, should you make a graceful exit from the stock market or stay with it?  It’s a tough decision but it all boils down to whether you have enough income to live with the risk.  This is especially true for those close to retirement or those retired.

Every time the stock prices wobble or fall, the issue comes up whether you should stay in, at what percentage, or should you invest in something else.  It really depends on your circumstances and whether you can handle the stress of a fluctuating market.  Also, you must be able to pay your basic bills (like web hosting!) no matter what happens to stock prices.  This is the solid rule in considering your options.

If the stock market makes you anxious, you may want to forget about it and use some savings to buy annuities.  Annuities generate a guaranteed income for life and eliminate the worries about stock prices.  There are web sites available to check to see how much an annuity would pay.  And if you needed extra cash on hand you could invest it in a bank savings or CD.

Once you’ve reached retirement age, you may have enough money from other reliable sources to cover your lifetime needs.  Owning stocks may be optional if you have enough money coming in from a pension, Social Security or other investments.  At this point, you don’t have to play anymore and you’re on top of the game.

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3 Online Business Ideas For Veterans

If you’re a veteran looking for a purposeful second career — one that you enjoy, that pays you what you’re worth, where you can leverage the leadership and get-it-done skills you developed while actively serving our country… in my estimation… you’ve got two basic choices:

  1. Look for a job.
  2. Start your own business.

There’s no one size fits all answer here.  For some, a job is the best bet.  For others, it’s time to spread your entrepreneurial wings and fly.  This post?  Is assuming you fall into the second category — if you’ve got an itch to build something from the ground up, and take all of the glory and all of the risk, an internet-based business is a solid idea.

Why?  Well, it minimizes risk in that you have very low startup costs.  And with technology advancing daily, you no longer have to be ultra techie or even have a tech team.  Heck, I self-taught myself everything there is to know about blogs, websites, hosting, ranking in Google, the whole deal.  And here I am, running a successful business from home.  Yes, sometimes in my underwear.

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Veterans Have Value, Regardless Of Age

Hire USA Heroes Header

This article is written by the good people over at Hire USA Heroes, who hire veterans and marry our real-life heroes with job positions they’ll love.

Okay, I must admit, I fall into the category of an older worker.  I worked for 30 years in the legal field and was offered a great opportunity to get on board with my son’s successful internet business.

Just shy of turning 60, I wasn’t quite ready to hang up the career I had learned to so enjoy in helping people get through criminal and family law problems.  And throughout those years I had developed many good relationships with clients and felt I made a good contribution to the law firm’s success.

I had been classified as the person to go to for assistance as I had all those years of experience and could do about anything!  And now I was ready to turn in the key and learn a new job.

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Web Hosting Basics For Veterans

Welcome, veterans.  As we approach 2016, this is certainly the “World Wide Web” era.  Would you agree with that?  Hope so.  Because every single business and/or entrepreneur needs a website (or a blog — same thing), even if it’s just an innocent little ma and pa type shop in nowhere, Illinois.  Shout out to my MidWesterners reading this!

Anyways, a business without a blog or website is 100% leaving substantial much dinero on the metaphorical table.  And if you leave it there, guess what: someone who does have a website (like yours truly) is more than willing to walk by and take it.

A blog or website needs to be easy on the eyes, user friendly and search engine and social media optimized in order to reel in potential clients or customers.

The first step in arriving at said virtual destination is to grab yourself a fast, secure, but affordable website hosting service.  This “web hosting company” will basically lift your website up and onto the internet, sort of like how your bones keep your skin from falling down to the ground.  Was that too weird?  Hope not.

affordable web hosting for veterans

Most reliable web hosting companies will hook you up with everything you need for as little as a couple bucks a month.  On the high end?  Hell, you might be talking about $30 a month.  Now, compared to the upside, that’s absolute peanuts.  Unsalted.  I’m watching my blood pressure per Doctor Harris’ orders.

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